Monday, October 26, 2009


The world as we know it has existed for millions of years and for the majority of those years the people living on earth have believed in a higher power called GOD. They believe that GOD is a male who sees us, hears us and knows what we are thinking, but we do not see "him" or hear "him". Although they claim that we could feel "him" in our hearts, if we truly believe in "his" existence. These people fear GOD as "he" punishes those who commit sins and those who do not do good, by burning them in the flames of hell. They say that "he" is a kind and mighty GOD who loves "his" creation, but no one shall make "him" angry as "his" wrath is unmistakably the harshest.
These people depend on GOD in every aspect of their lives as they believe that they live a life to fulfill "him" and only "him". When they are in fear they call "his" name, when they are in doubt they ask "him" for advice and when they are in despair they ask for "his" help. In good times they give "him" credit and in bad times they give "him" reason. GOD almighty is a force that drives their every move.
Now lets step back a little and look at the big picture with an open mind, what do you see? Smart, educated and bright people who worship a being that has never been proven to exist. Something that is an idea passed on by other people who came before them, something that they fear! These are people who have seen a man walk on the moon, people who use Internet, drive cars and fly on planes. These are people who fly rockets and run countries. They still believe that a being above them is judging their every move and will punish them if they stray.
I do understand the need for people to believe in something, something that makes them feel secure and safe, something that will be looking over them and protecting them. But I do not understand how reason does not get in their way of believing in GOD.
I am not saying that I one hundred percent do not believe in GOD, I am saying that it does not make sense to me and I have not seen or felt any thing to prove "his" existence to me. I doubt because I have many unanswered questions. What has GOD done for human beings in this world? Has "he" built buildings? Has "he" built cars and planes? Has "he" discovered cures for diseases? Has "he" ended slavery? No, humans have done all of that. Humans have started and ended wars, they have discovered science, art and philosophy. What has GOD done? Where is he? Why does "he" not show "himself"? For the mystery? For the fear? For the suspense? Why?! Why is it that the loving and kind GOD does not save starving children? Why does "he" not stop wars? Why does "he" not help us find a cure for cancer? Where is "he" when "his" creation is being beaten or raped by each other? Why is "he" not kind enough to help? I just do not understand! Some one please give me a rational, scientific and sane explanation.
There are only a few of us in this world who ask questions regarding GOD, our number is scarce. Part of the reason is that we are hesitant to show our faces to the rest of the world in fear of retaliation as well as being harshly judged. Another reason is for fear of being completely wrong and at the end actually burning in hell! But I am tired of living my life in the closet, I have stepped out as a doubter.
I do believe in something, and that is Goodness, the goodness of human beings. I believe that if we do good, act good, think good and be good, we will all live a beautiful life in a peaceful world. We must be good to each other because we want to build a high quality life for ourselves, not because we are afraid to burn in HELL by GOD!