Monday, October 26, 2009


The world as we know it has existed for millions of years and for the majority of those years the people living on earth have believed in a higher power called GOD. They believe that GOD is a male who sees us, hears us and knows what we are thinking, but we do not see "him" or hear "him". Although they claim that we could feel "him" in our hearts, if we truly believe in "his" existence. These people fear GOD as "he" punishes those who commit sins and those who do not do good, by burning them in the flames of hell. They say that "he" is a kind and mighty GOD who loves "his" creation, but no one shall make "him" angry as "his" wrath is unmistakably the harshest.
These people depend on GOD in every aspect of their lives as they believe that they live a life to fulfill "him" and only "him". When they are in fear they call "his" name, when they are in doubt they ask "him" for advice and when they are in despair they ask for "his" help. In good times they give "him" credit and in bad times they give "him" reason. GOD almighty is a force that drives their every move.
Now lets step back a little and look at the big picture with an open mind, what do you see? Smart, educated and bright people who worship a being that has never been proven to exist. Something that is an idea passed on by other people who came before them, something that they fear! These are people who have seen a man walk on the moon, people who use Internet, drive cars and fly on planes. These are people who fly rockets and run countries. They still believe that a being above them is judging their every move and will punish them if they stray.
I do understand the need for people to believe in something, something that makes them feel secure and safe, something that will be looking over them and protecting them. But I do not understand how reason does not get in their way of believing in GOD.
I am not saying that I one hundred percent do not believe in GOD, I am saying that it does not make sense to me and I have not seen or felt any thing to prove "his" existence to me. I doubt because I have many unanswered questions. What has GOD done for human beings in this world? Has "he" built buildings? Has "he" built cars and planes? Has "he" discovered cures for diseases? Has "he" ended slavery? No, humans have done all of that. Humans have started and ended wars, they have discovered science, art and philosophy. What has GOD done? Where is he? Why does "he" not show "himself"? For the mystery? For the fear? For the suspense? Why?! Why is it that the loving and kind GOD does not save starving children? Why does "he" not stop wars? Why does "he" not help us find a cure for cancer? Where is "he" when "his" creation is being beaten or raped by each other? Why is "he" not kind enough to help? I just do not understand! Some one please give me a rational, scientific and sane explanation.
There are only a few of us in this world who ask questions regarding GOD, our number is scarce. Part of the reason is that we are hesitant to show our faces to the rest of the world in fear of retaliation as well as being harshly judged. Another reason is for fear of being completely wrong and at the end actually burning in hell! But I am tired of living my life in the closet, I have stepped out as a doubter.
I do believe in something, and that is Goodness, the goodness of human beings. I believe that if we do good, act good, think good and be good, we will all live a beautiful life in a peaceful world. We must be good to each other because we want to build a high quality life for ourselves, not because we are afraid to burn in HELL by GOD!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Simple things in life

I Love...

Fall's first rain,
The smell of freshly cut grass,
The first sip of coffee in the morning,
The sound of falling snow,
Spending time with friends,
Running like a little child,
Jumping in the pool on a hot day,
Putting my head on my pillow at night,
Talking with family,
Knitting a scarf,
Cooking with a new recipe,
Laughing really really hard,
Feeling the sun on my body.

I Hate...

Cheap toilet paper.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To the readers

Dear Reader,

If you are a returning reader welcome back, I am humbled, honored and flattered to see that you enjoy my pieces and have come back for more. I am very excited to write for you.

If you are a new reader I welcome you to my humble corner and am very happy to be your host. My goal is to entertain you, make you laugh, get you to tear up, to educate you and to open your eyes. My goal is also to write for the joy of writing and to put my beliefs, opinions, stories and discoveries out there in the universe (a.k.a. www.).

I do have a small request that I hope you will honor and respect. I have to ask you to please do not judge me for my opinions and beliefs, they are my personal own and I am absolutely not trying to force them upon any one. Always remember that reading my blog is optional and if you ever feel offended or angered please feel free to close the page.

Please know that comments are always welcomed and encouraged. Now come in, take your shoes off, relax, help yourself to refreshments and get ready to be pleased.

Truely Yours,

The Return

Dear Blog,

I know that it has been a while since I talked to you, I know that you may be mad at me for neglecting you, and I truly am sorry for ignoring you for so long. I want to let you know that even though I did not communicate with you, I did not forget about you. During this time I thought about you numerous times, every time I saw some thing or some one fascinating and every time I had an interesting thought. I continued to make mental notes to tell you things, but some how it never happened. I want to update you now on some things that went on while I was not connecting with you, these are the times that I thought about you.

I finally stood up and voted in the presidential election for the first time in my life. It was a liberating and proud experience and I wanted to share it with you.

This country elected a Black President! I was overwhelmed with emotions and was ecstatic to be a part of something big and spectacular. I knew that this election and this year will go in history books that children will study in years to come. I wished that the people of a hundred years ago could see where their country and where their people are now, they would be proud. I wished that the people who fought so long and so hard for equal rights could see how things look today, they would be proud.

During Christmas our program received hundreds of brand new donated toys from caring citizens to be given to the less fortunate children whom we work with. I thought that this was amazing and very heart warming to see during the time that this country is going through a recession. I wanted to tell you about it.

One day I was killing time walking around and going into stores and I stumbled upon the oddest place. It was a big room filled with chairs facing small screens. There were teenage kids sitting on each chair with headphones on and controls in hand. The room only held the sound of clicking and every one was staring into the screen not talking or communicating in any form with one another. I was going to come home and tell you all about what technology has done to us and our kids and how I can see our machine ruled and no human contact future.

This was a quick overview of what I would have written about more extensively if I was keeping up with you. There were other topics that I wanted to share with you as well such as the bail outs, the economy, having kids and new discoveries I have had about myself, but it did not happen and I have moved on now. I do not know why I neglected you for so long, but I am returning now and ready to pour it all out once again. So get ready because I am back with more passion, more fire and more curse words baby!