Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To the readers

Dear Reader,

If you are a returning reader welcome back, I am humbled, honored and flattered to see that you enjoy my pieces and have come back for more. I am very excited to write for you.

If you are a new reader I welcome you to my humble corner and am very happy to be your host. My goal is to entertain you, make you laugh, get you to tear up, to educate you and to open your eyes. My goal is also to write for the joy of writing and to put my beliefs, opinions, stories and discoveries out there in the universe (a.k.a. www.).

I do have a small request that I hope you will honor and respect. I have to ask you to please do not judge me for my opinions and beliefs, they are my personal own and I am absolutely not trying to force them upon any one. Always remember that reading my blog is optional and if you ever feel offended or angered please feel free to close the page.

Please know that comments are always welcomed and encouraged. Now come in, take your shoes off, relax, help yourself to refreshments and get ready to be pleased.

Truely Yours,


me said...

i'm looking forward to ur return!

shirenesBEAN said...

it almost sounds like what Delilah says on warm 106.9 hehe...except your blogs are ten times more fun! :D

shirenesBEAN said...

And yes i get majorly offended by reading your blog posts haha jk