Monday, July 19, 2010

My Wrist Band

I wear a green band around my wrist. On it, it reads "Free Iran". I wear it to express my love for my country. I wear it to honor those who lost their lives trying to have their voices heard, those who fought for a better life for themselves and for their countrymen. I wear it to feel that I am also part of a movement, a movement to free the people of my country, a movement to make wrong right. My green wrist band represents the love that we all feel for our country, it represents pride, honor and faith. It is a memoir of the good times, the bad times, the past and the future. It brings me closer to my root, to my soil, to my life and to my people. I wear a green wrist band to remember those who were beaten and killed in the streets of their own city, those who are imprisoned and tortured, only because they were tired of not living. I wear a green wrist band in order to say to my Iran and to the people of my Iran: I love you.