Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mr. perfect from Starbucks

There is a man who goes to Starbucks in the mornings at the same time that I do. He is relatively handsome, always has an immaculate haircut and a razor shaved face. He wears a perfectly pressed button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, usually light blue, which is tight enough to let you know that there is a six pack and toned biceps underneath , but not tight enough to be vein. He wears a pair of perfectly pressed black pants, tailored exactly for his height, which also gives the hint of his other tight muscles. His shiny shoes are always nicely buffed and waxed and never fail to match his belt. The only accessory that he carries on him is a masculine and stylish watch. His nails look like they have been cut and cleaned with care and his hands look soft while keeping their strong shape. His posture is confident but not arrogant, his look is respectful and friendly but quiet. He communicates with grace when ordering his coffee and demonstrates a comfortable ability to socialize when he engages in small talk with the Barista. His voice is strong by being deep yet sensitive by being soft. He carries himself with elegance as he walks off, coffee in hand, to his black, shiny and sexy car. I have never been close enough to him to get a whiff of a scent but if I had to guess I would say that there would be a hint of masculine aftershave, just enough for the effect but not strong enough to linger.
As I am standing in line to order my double short vanilla latte or waiting by the bar for the Barista to call my name, I wonder about what kind of person this man is. I imagine that he is on his way to his big window office at an affluent corporation where he is one of the top employees who enjoys an above average paycheck. I assume that after work he goes to the gym where he meets his equally perfect buddies and that is where he shapes that six pack, the big biceps and those tight muscles. He probably then heads home to his bachelor pad, super clean and fashionably decorated with the colors of dark blue, white and black, where he cooks a gourmet (healthy) meal for dinner and eats it with a glass of high quality red wine.
I imagine the parts of this man that I do not see such as personality, morals, beliefs, habits and hobbies to be just as perfect as the parts which I do see. I assume that he is kind, smart, funny, outgoing, fun loving and deep. I can see him as one who would appreciate art, classical music and a good book, one who could hold a conversation and would have lots to offer. He looks like he would be romantic, one who lights candles, buys flowers, is thoughtful and attentive to a woman.
Then I am abruptly smacked back into reality by Kim's voice yelling out my name (Jackie) to come pick up my double short vanilla latte off of the bar. I thank Kim for my coffee, leave Starbucks and go about my day not giving another thought to Mr. perfect from Starbucks.


Do you remember when you were in love? Not just any love, but real and true love, deep and passionate love, crazy and desperate love? Do you remember how it felt? Do you remember the throbbing pain in your heart, the ache that you thought would never ever end? Do you remember the overpowering joy that gushed out of your body, the warmth you felt in your soul? Do you remember gazing into a set of eyes and wishing for the eternity of that moment? Do you remember the spark of a touch, the extreme heat rising from your skin? Do you remember those feelings, those smells, those tastes? Do you remember young love? Do you miss it?
I hope that you have saved a piece of that precious feeling with you and have kept it through out the years. I hope that you carry with you a bit of that tenderness from your past as you have grown hard and cold. I hope that once in a while you take it out and look at your old feelings to remember the young, innocent and lovely days when you had the ability to actually feel them. I hope that you take the time to reminisce about the time when your heart was soft, open and absorbent. Maybe by looking at those feelings, thinking about them and remembering how they felt, you can give a little pleasure to your soul, enough for it to continue living a life with out passion.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Things that make you go... WTF?!

When it rains on a 97 degree day.
When people treat their pets like babies.
When people treat their babies like bosses.
When people live in the same place that they were born and raised.
When people do not care about what goes on in their birth country.
When people demonstrate against deporting ILLEGAL immigrants.
When people have a 4Th child.
When people believe the media and advertisements.
When people get lost with out a GPS.
When people are addicted to their computers and cell phones.
When people have a cell phone conversation while having lunch with friends.
When a Hollywood celebrity news is on CNN.
When a car parallel parks on it's own.
When Golf is considered a sport.
When Futball is called Soccer and an unrelated game is called Football.
When Americans think that they are the center of the world.
When people think America is civilized.
When Stoning and hanging still exist.
When today people believe that a person parted a sea and a virgin became pregnant.
When people fall for scams such as Valentine's day and Christmas gifts.
When nothing is done when a government beats their people for talking.
When a trashy hick runs for Vice President of the Unite States.
When people still eat Twinkies.
When people are forced to pray.
When women do not raise their own children.
When one must communicate with an automated machine through the phone.
When people living in California (USA) must know Spanish in order to land a job.
When illegal immigrants are able to use American government benefits.
When schools are blamed for a child's misbehavior.
When people wear sweats to work.
When people put couple pictures as their Facebook profile picture.

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on...