Sunday, May 23, 2010


Do you remember when you were in love? Not just any love, but real and true love, deep and passionate love, crazy and desperate love? Do you remember how it felt? Do you remember the throbbing pain in your heart, the ache that you thought would never ever end? Do you remember the overpowering joy that gushed out of your body, the warmth you felt in your soul? Do you remember gazing into a set of eyes and wishing for the eternity of that moment? Do you remember the spark of a touch, the extreme heat rising from your skin? Do you remember those feelings, those smells, those tastes? Do you remember young love? Do you miss it?
I hope that you have saved a piece of that precious feeling with you and have kept it through out the years. I hope that you carry with you a bit of that tenderness from your past as you have grown hard and cold. I hope that once in a while you take it out and look at your old feelings to remember the young, innocent and lovely days when you had the ability to actually feel them. I hope that you take the time to reminisce about the time when your heart was soft, open and absorbent. Maybe by looking at those feelings, thinking about them and remembering how they felt, you can give a little pleasure to your soul, enough for it to continue living a life with out passion.

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