Saturday, May 1, 2010


Things that make you go... WTF?!

When it rains on a 97 degree day.
When people treat their pets like babies.
When people treat their babies like bosses.
When people live in the same place that they were born and raised.
When people do not care about what goes on in their birth country.
When people demonstrate against deporting ILLEGAL immigrants.
When people have a 4Th child.
When people believe the media and advertisements.
When people get lost with out a GPS.
When people are addicted to their computers and cell phones.
When people have a cell phone conversation while having lunch with friends.
When a Hollywood celebrity news is on CNN.
When a car parallel parks on it's own.
When Golf is considered a sport.
When Futball is called Soccer and an unrelated game is called Football.
When Americans think that they are the center of the world.
When people think America is civilized.
When Stoning and hanging still exist.
When today people believe that a person parted a sea and a virgin became pregnant.
When people fall for scams such as Valentine's day and Christmas gifts.
When nothing is done when a government beats their people for talking.
When a trashy hick runs for Vice President of the Unite States.
When people still eat Twinkies.
When people are forced to pray.
When women do not raise their own children.
When one must communicate with an automated machine through the phone.
When people living in California (USA) must know Spanish in order to land a job.
When illegal immigrants are able to use American government benefits.
When schools are blamed for a child's misbehavior.
When people wear sweats to work.
When people put couple pictures as their Facebook profile picture.

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on...

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