Tuesday, August 5, 2008


There once was a man who lived in a little village in a far far away land (Iran). Ever since he was a little boy he had a curse for spreading bad luck to the people around him. Even though he had a good heart and was loved by the residents of the village, they all tried to avoid him as much as possible.
One day there was a wedding in the village which all of the residents were going to attend. In order to keep bad luck away from the bride and groom the villagers asked this man to refrain from attending the wedding. He understood but was saddened.
As he was walking through the Meadows, thinking about the wedding and the celebration that was going on with out him, a thought came to his mind. There was a river that flowed through the village, this river would travel by the location where the wedding was being held. He thought that even though he can not be present at the wedding he could send his love and blessing to the new couple with a bouquet of flowers. So he picked some of the most beautiful flowers and made a wondrous and colorful bouquet. As he bent down to send the flowers down the river, he wished the bride and groom love and happiness.
The ecstatic and blushing bride was laughing and celebrating the most important day of her life when she spotted the luscious bouquet of flowers in the river. Happily she stepped toward the water to pick up the beautifully arranged gift. As she bent and reached out to pick up the flowers she slipped and fell into the water. Not being able to swim the bride drowned to death, proving that the man was truly cursed with bringing bad luck to others.

Years passed and the story of "the cursed man and the flowers in the river that killed a young bride" was told to the residents of the village and the neighboring villages over and over again. Slowly names were forgotten and details were omitted, until we were eternally left with:

"Dasteh gol be ab dadi"


sanaz said...

Really??? I had no idea....

Arezou said...

quite interesting!!!
I didn't know the story behind it, good job!!

Anahita said...

eee....Az koja fahmidi?!