Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Overpopulation - Solved!

This world that we live in has many many problems that range from poverty and famine to genocide and war, and of course there is the ever so popular environmental decline. But the one problem that effects each and every one of us on a daily basis and the one that I have chosen to address today is overpopulation. Yes, too many damn people in this small world!
This problem originates from far too many people having multiple children, which results in a lower level of quality of life for the rest of us. It is from uneducated and uncivilized woman having sex with other uneducated and uncivilized men, not using protection, resulting in more and more pregnancies year after year. It is from teenage girls who have not been taught about self respect, having sex with hormonal fifteen year old boys, resulting in pregnancies.
Overpopulation has many negative effects on our society, such as crowded classrooms and higher crime rates, but also another important negative effect that touches every single citizen is cost. If you think that the uneducated, the uncivilized and the underage are the ones who will pay for their pregnancies and their babies, you are dead wrong. If you are a hard working tax-paying citizen of this country, I have news for you: You are the one paying for those children, their education, their health care, their housing and their damn diapers. It truly amazes me that the American society which claims to be one of the more civilized ones out there is so dysfunctional where people who can-not afford to have children are allowed to have as many as they want, and the rest of the society has to pick up the tab for them.
It baffles my mind that not only you have to shell out your hard earned cash out of your shallow pockets for these people, but you also have to send your kids to overpopulated schools where the ratio of kids and teachers are thirty to one. Your child will not have a chance to get a good education because there are too many damn kids in the classroom!
Now, I am not against smart, educated, qualified adults who are contributing to this society reproducing. I am against idiots with low levels of brain functioning popping out babies one after the other. Also, I have learned that it is not constructive to complain about a problem when there is no solution offered to solve it. So guess what my dear readers, I have a solution! Here is my proposal to the government of the United States:
The first step is the most important one. As soon as an individual hits puberty, by law their tubes must be tied. It does not matter if one is a female or a male, if they are capable of reproducing, their tubes will be tied. This way no one needs to worry about the different types of contraception, their effectiveness and costs. All the excessive energy, time and money spent on teaching kids (and adults) how to prevent pregnancy could be saved for a more productive task. You have to understand that people are not as smart as you think they are. They will never learn, so stop trying to teach them and focus your attention on more productive areas. Their hormones take over them and they do not care, so just tie their damn tubes and get it over with. This way the hormone crazed boys and girls can hump like rabbits and the “slow” population can continue living life horizontally, and we will all be safe from having to raise their kids.
Next, if someone decides that they would like to have a child, then there will be a process for them to follow. There will be an extensive application to complete with detailed information and necessary back up will have to be provided. The application will entail information such as income, support system, mental health status, childhood experiences, parenting skills and other crucial information regarding necessities needed for bringing a child into this world. The application’s purpose is to make sure that one is capable and competent in every level to raise a child. It will ensure that not only they will not inconvenient the rest of the world with their child, but that they and their child will contribute to the society, the population and the world. Along with the application there will be a steep fee to pay in order to secure permission to reproduce. This will cover some of the costs of their decision to have a child as well as the processing fee. If one is not able to pay the fee, they may re-try when they have raised the total sum.
If one’s request to have a child is approved, then they will be granted permission to untie their tubes in order to carry out the task. After childbirth/conceiving, tubes will be tied again. All of the fees for these processes and procedures will have to be covered by the involved parties and no other entity.
If one decides to have a second child, there will be a longer, harder and tougher application to complete which will require them to provide sufficient reason for their request, as well as a higher rate to pay. They must be of a very high status, mentally, socially and financially in order to obtain approval for a second child. If approved the process will be the same as child number one. After having child number two their tubes will be tied permanently and they will no longer be allowed to apply for any more children.
I can confidently say that after the implementation of this regulation, you will see a more beautiful, peaceful, quiet, safe and prosperous would. The world will thrive and the quality of life will soar! The population count will decrease significantly and there will be more room for everyone to live a more comfortable and fair life. There will be no more unwanted children, no more foster care, no more children waiting to be adopted by strangers. The entire population will be civilized, mature, educated and smart.
If you are thinking about freedom of choice, take a moment and think about what exactly freedom of choice has brought for us. Some examples are gangs, murders, unwanted pregnancies and taxes! It is as clear as day that people are not smart enough to make their own choices so choices need to be made for them in order to have an improved world. People are idiots, and that is why the world has so many problems.
Having children is the biggest responsibility that one could take on, yet it is the easiest thing for any idiot to get themselves into. Having children will change one’s life and it will effect the entire world, yet it is easier than getting a driver's license or buying a house. This concept just blows my mind.
If the government of this country was smart at all, they would carry out this genius plan. I promise that the world would be 100 times improved and I will guarantee that all of the other problems threatening this world would disappear as well.

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