Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ignorant Slaves

Freedom; what is the meaning of this word? According to the Webster Dictionary, it is "the quality or state of being free". Free; what is the meaning of this word? Webster Dictionary has 15 different definitions for this word, each accompanied by multiple sub definitions. It is a loaded word this one, but the general meaning is being able to chose your actions. It is a good thing to have freedom, is it not? Do you think that you have it?
Think about it, are you free to do what you want when you wake up tomorrow morning? Let's go back one more step, are you able to wake up when you want tomorrow morning? Are you free to chose to go to the beach, to the mall or on a hike? Yes, you do have the freedom to do all of those activities, however there will be consequences for those actions. You may have to use sick time or vacation time that you have occurred throughout your employment, decreasing the amount of days that your were saving for a trip. You may be terminated from your employment resulting in no income to pay your rent and car payment, therefore losing both of them. You have the freedom to chose what you do tomorrow morning, however the consequences could be severe. Is that really freedom?
In an entire year, we have merely two weeks for ourselves when we can chose to do what we want without any severe and long term consequences, two weeks! Two weeks which we have to request for in advance, two weeks which passes us by like lightning. Out of sixteen hours of the day which we are awake, more than half of it is not ours! Is that freedom? Or is that slavery?
We are all slaves. We are worst than slaves. Slaves knew that they did not have any freedom, but we, we are under the impression that we are free, yet our ability to chose could have devastating results. We are ignorant slaves.
We are ignorant slaves who are not able to have a long lunch at the beach with a glass of wine on a Tuesday because the consequences to that act will be too harsh for our lives. No one stops us from doing it, but our lives will make a downward turn if we actually commit it. We are slaves, we are ignorant slaves who can not light up a cigarette in the office or take a nap after lunch, if we would like to keep our beloved lifestyle.
I am not against rules, regulations, guidelines and policies, I am against being ignorant and stupid. I am against believing something that is not. I am against us pretending to be free and having freedom when we are not and we do not. I am a slave because I chose to do what I have to do instead of what I want to do. I am a slave, but I am not ignorant.

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sabet said...

yes working for a living is slavery. trading hours for money is slavery and difficult. I for one can't live like that. Does that make me free? not sure. I get to do anything I like during the day and I still pay the bills. I'm not independently wealthy, but I'm free to hang out. - but is that really freedom? no. freedom is where ever you are. freedom is in the soul and the heart. freedom is when you are stuck in a meeting you know that your soul and heart don't have to be. freedom is. so just be. be free. doesn't matter what you have to do for money. be free, be happy. just be.