Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Remembering my Baba

He was the first born to his mother and had three younger brothers and one younger sister.  From the beginning, not only was he different than all of his siblings, he was different than most others as well.    He was a gentle sole,  happy and one of the most unique people anyone would meet in their lifetime.  
He appreciated beauty, tenderness and love in all things such as art, music, poetry, movies, scenery and people.
Although career ambition and money was not on top the list of his priorities, he was smart enough to manage to provide a comfortable life for his family.  He did however have great ambition to focus on becoming a better and deeper person every single day of his life and he encouraged and educated everyone around him to do the same.  He educated himself on art, literature, religion, politics, philosophy, sociology, science and history every day of his life and never seized to learn or teach.  He appreciated and promoted comfort and fun in life while always choosing the right path.
He loved his wife every day of their married life and showed her so with care and tenderness.  He raised his children in a home filled with jokes, laughter, fun and games.  He loved them so much, that the love was visible and took a physical form to them and others.
He was so different than any other person who walked this earth that he left a mark in each and every person's heart who crossed his path.  Be it either a unique joke, a special idea, a funny comment, a life-changing advice or an act of extreme kindness, he left them with a special memory of himself.  Every person who met him, if it was just for a moment or if they knew him for years, loved him and never, ever forgot him.
One message that he tried to pass on which he practiced himself was to enjoy life to the fullest every day.  He stopped to smell the roses, he created beautiful art, exerted love to others, touched so many lives and left a sea of memories to be cherished by those who had the privilege to have a moment or two with him.
We all miss him terribly.


Sanazi said...

very beautiful! I wish he was still around...

Sanazi said...

I wish he was still around...