Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Master Piece

Lyrics assembled with a team effort by a group of talented and drunk individuals inside of a Jacuzzi in Tahoe. Music borrowed from the song "Goleh Goldoon".

All rights reserved. TM.


Manzur az goozidan
Fargh dareh ba ridan
Ke daram high misham to in Jacuzzi

Vali in ghofleh dar
Andazeh kooneh khar
Shodeh moshgeleh man
Amaan az in dar

Koone khar pareh misheh
Ba goozeh se picheh
Miram pishe Sepideh
Behem mirineh

To ke be hameh midi
Kooneto tekoon midi
Chera be man nemidi
Too in Jacuzzi

Vaghti koonet ham miad
Aabe Jacuzzi kam miad
Midi be olaghe dar Aab.



Anahita said...

I don't know if our nest hit "Hoda" will be as good, considering the pianist will not be able to leave the country!!

me said...

vaghean ke not only you are a talented writer but a poet too!!!!

peyman said...

oh, still my feelings toward this song haven't changed: I love it.
btw, she got married, I mean the target in the lyrics, sepideh, to one of my closest friends in iran.
So, as I proudly admit that I participated in this piece of music, let's say piece of art, I call up the band for the next hit song, "Sepideh va Vahid", with the same nasty words or even harsher lyrics.
P/S: I love your weblog Shabi jan

peyman said...

wait a minute, The name of the band is "Kewntaj", not Keutaj. That "n" is the most important letter which carrys the whole meaning of the word, "Kewn+Tahoe+Jacuzzi". as you see, kewn is the only word which is not truncated in Kewntaj, just because of its importance.