Monday, June 16, 2008

Tree in the Forest

When a tree falls in the forest where no one can hear the thump, does it make a sound? When two people fall in love and that love does not last, does it remain? What happens to that love, does it merely disappear or does it stay with them? The love was real, strong and true, but somehow did not make it to eternity. Where does the love go?
When I was in High School I knew a couple who were madly in love, to me they were the vision of real love and the essence of what it should look like . Their love was so strong that even though I had never felt the feeling myself in my heart I could feel it between the two of them. I remember that I used to think to myself that if their love does not last I will never believe in love again. I thought that if they do not make or keep the love eternal between one another no one will. Their love did not last, they traveled onto different roads and the love was "lost". Being angry, hurt and disappointed I then believed that their time together was a "waste", because of their lost battle. Was their time really a waste? Does "real" love necessarily have to last?
I think that it is commonly agreed that when two people fall in love and experience the magnificence of this majestic feeling, but fail to keep that bond, the special time together was not a waste. Because true love, real love, passionate love is a rare gem that is a blessing in one's life. One should treasure and savor it, not take it for granted and know that it is not awarded to every one who walks on this earth. So even 4 days of true love is a gift from the Universe. I am sure that it is also commonly agreed that for a love to be considered real and true, it does not have to necessarily last. We have proof such as "Bridges of Madison County" and "Casablanca" showing us that love is love, even if we lose the battle to keep it. Undoubtedly the precious and beautiful feelings are there at that moment, however due to many many different causes the love spills over. But my question is where does that love go?
Some say that the love that was felt so deeply and wholeheartedly will continue to remain in a special place in the heart that was created in. They say that the love for the other will be with you forever. Some say that the love will end and cease from existing. They say that it will be nothing but sheer memory. And finally some say that the love will become dispersed and returned to the Universe (recycled).
My personal belief is that the love that was shared between the couple who introduced me to this concept continues to remain, however it exists in a different time and space. The two individuals are completely different people now, having nothing in common any longer. They are merely strangers to each other as they own none of the same feelings from the past. The current characters do not love one another at this time, however the old love remains. Her old self still loves his old version, the one from the time when she used to be in love with. He does not love the person who she is now, but his old self loves the person she used to be to him and for him. The old feelings still exist, but they are in another time and another parallel Universe. If they could go back in time and look each other in the eyes as who they were then, they would still be in love. They would still be the same two people who lived and breathed for one another and their old selves would still contain the heart warming tenderness as they once did. So no, I do not think that the love is lost, it continues to remain, but not in the same way, shape or form. Not even in our current hearts, not even in our current minds, but some where out there in the world it remains. It would be such a damn shame for a concept so special and beautiful to cease from existence. I believe that when a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear the thump, it still makes a sound.


Jasmine said...

A couple of things I want to comment on.
1)When a tree fall in the forest, laws of nature say that it does make a noise. But who hears it? most likely the creatures living in the forest. What does a tree falling in the forest have to do with love?

2) Fictional movies are NOT proof that love is love. Most love stories are enhanced to make people feel more than reality; especially in the movies!
3) I do agree with you about love not going away, it simply changes. Our old self still loves that old boyfriend but now that we have grown and know better {;)} we know that we are different and the old love won't work in the present.
Love evolves. The love we have for our family, friends, or significant other changes and evolves as the relationship and our selves grow.
If you think about how you loved your parent when you were 3 compared to how you love them now, it's totally different but it's still there!

me said...

i'm not sure if it goes away or changes...i think we change and mature and as we mature, the love matues as well.

i must admit that i feel lucky that i did feel the connection and love at one point in my life. and yes although i'm not with the person anymore but he will always have a special place in my heart. the feelings have changed but the respect hasn't gone away.

do i wonder why it turned the way it did and wasn't meant to be....occassionaly.

not everyone is lucky enough to feel true love in their lifetime but i hope they get as close to it as's a blessing.