Sunday, September 28, 2008

Freedom: Pro Choice

One of the greatest things about this country is freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Freedom is one the top reasons why people from other countries dream about moving to America and would commit to almost any act to reach it. Freedom is also one of the top reasons why the citizens and the residents of this country love and cherish this land. It is the essence of what this country is based on and what it prides itself on, freedom is part of this country's identity. The United States of America has always been associated with freedom and that is why we love it.
What do we tell people who challenge our choices? We say: "This is a free country". I am sure that you have used this phrase many times in the past as I have, as it gives us a sense of safety and security. To know that we are the masters of our lives and the leaders of our own march we are provided with the ultimate goal of every human being, happiness. Yes, we live our lives with the peace of mind that we have the power to make our own choices, make our own decisions and hell, do as we please damn it! As far as I am concerned we have never taken this feeling and this privilege for granted, as every day we observe others who live in other countries that do no have this luxury. We thank the Universe for granting us such a precious gift that is so difficult to obtain; at least I do.
So what happens when the leaders of this country come and try to take one of our most important choices away from us? The choice of having a child, the choice so personal that affects the rest of our life. What happens then is that slowly but surely, little by little our right to chose in different matters will be taken away from us until we ultimately lose our so beloved Freedom. To chose to have or not to have a child is one of the most basic rights a human being could have and to take that away from her (him) in my opinion is a cruel act.
Our world has advanced and science has developed to the point that we are able to manipulate nature, and if we can use it to our advantage and to make our lives better, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I believe that the damage that an unexpected or unwanted child will cause to the parents as well as the society is highly drastic and very difficult to ease.
I want you to picture and think about these scenarios: Katie is 17 years old and has been accepted to the University for Journalism, she got pregnant by her high school boy friend. Tina is a housewife who's husband was recently laid off from his job, and she just found out that she is pregnant. Maria is a single mother of 3 and is barely making the rent and child care fees with her full time house cleaning job, she is pregnant again. Nancy who has Down Syndrome lives with her elderly parents, she was taken advantage of by a male neighbor and is now carrying his child. Ana is a 14 year old girl who's uncle has been molesting her since she was 12, she finally became pregnant by him. Susan is a married corporate lawyer who got beat up and raped in the parking lot of her office building, she is pregnant with the rapist's child.
Now some of these women could have prevented their pregnancies, but unfortunately they were either not educated enough or not smart enough to do that, however that does not mean that they deserve to be punished by having their lives turned upside down. On the other hand some of these women could not have prevented their pregnancies by any means, which clearly is the reason why they should have a chance for a possible healthy life and future.
By having the freedom of choice to terminate their pregnancies Katie will go off to college, get an education and obtain a job securing her success. She will become a positive member of our society and contribute to the economy. Tina and Maria will continue to struggle in order to barely make it and survive, however they will not have to worry about another mouth to feed or possibly becoming homeless. They also will not have to go on Welfare to take from the tax payers' hard earned money to pay for their expenses. Nancy and Ana can try to overcome their tragedies and have a full life with possibilities and opportunities. Nancy's elderly parents would not have to spend their pension and their old age taking care of an unwelcomed grandchild and Ana also will not have to use up the tax payers' money to take care of a child brought on by crime. Susan could try to forget about the trauma that she experienced without having to look into her perpetrator's face every day and forcing herself to love that child.
I understand and respect the beliefs of Pro Life supporters, which they are entitled to. There are no laws against having beliefs and living a life based on them, but to force others to follow anothers' beliefs and their ways, I do not understand, respect or support.
Now what does freedom mean if choices such as this are taken away from the people who live in this land and pride themselves in being an American? What is left for us if we do not have our beloved freedom and our right to chose? Pretense, Hypocrisy, lies and deceit.
I am a proud American citizen who lives on this land for the opportunities and the freedom that I am granted, that I am entitled to. I am scared that come November someone could take one of my choices away from me, opening the door for the rest to fly away as well.


shirenesBEAN said...

"Yes, we...make our own decisions and hell, do as we please damn it!" LOL i love that part :)
I totally agree with you in the subject, especially about having/not having a child.
Whenever I hear people saying that it's a sin or crime to not let a child be born, I agree, but then I begin to think that it is that woman's decision to make because what she decides will change her life forever, so then I think she must put her life or needs first.
I'm glad you brought this subject up because it's a very important one ;).

Anahita said...

I fully understand, respect and support this post.


P.S. Anyway we can swap the situation of Katie and Ana? Come this Nov. if the choice is taken from me, I'd rather be 17...Maybe I'll eventually finish school and have a brighter future.

sanaz said...

I'm scared too :(