Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Renaissance

It was the Renaissance era where there was an array of beautiful music, exceptional art, grace and elegance. I was wearing a beautiful ball gown made of shiny satin, silk and lace and my hair was up in the most elegant style. I had on big jewels made of diamonds and gold and my hands were covered in white satin gloves. I arrived at the mansion where the ball was being held with a private carriage ready to dance, drink and talk about Michelangelo's art.
The classical music, the ladies in exquisite dresses and the gentlemen in tailored suits, the sparkly champagne, the fresh fruit and the rich culture was breath taking.
It was not until I opened my eyes that I realized that I was sitting on the red double decker tour bus riding around in the streets of Florence in my short dress and my hair in a pony tail, camera in hand.
I must have lived in that time in one of my past lives since I have such a passion for that era's art, music, culture and wealth! Maybe I was acquainted with Michelangelo, who knows, maybe we were lovers.
I am closing my eyes again.

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