Friday, May 23, 2008

American Idol

Although I cannot stand most reality television one of my favorite shows is American Idol. I am officially hooked where I watch every episode religiously each season, I even manage to vote here and there for my favorite performer. I see the puzzled look on your faces so I'll explain why that is in order to help you sleep soundly tonight.
The reason why I believe that American Idol is a great show, other than the fact that it is entertaining, is that it is the best way for us to chose our own entertainers. Think about it, did we ever have a say in people like Paris Hilton, Carrot Head, or Hassan Shamaeizadeh's claim to fame? No. If we did, would we have committed such a crime? I would hope not. Most people achieve fame by either having a lot of dough, having great connections, or just plain luck, and a few number reach fame through actual talent and hard work. But here through this show we as the public, the intended audience have the power to chose who our next singer is going to be. We decide to not chose the screeching voice, the big ego or the no personality get through the doors as we have the power to pick our next entertainer. I so wish that we the tax paying citizens of this country had the power to choose all of our entertainers with our own hands (fingers in this case), so that we would not be forced to look at, listen to, hear about another like Tara Reed or Britney Spears.
Another reason why I love this show is that we can witness our next entertainers when they are humble, grateful, simple and real. We can see them before their egos grow to the size of a country and before they become too good for their music. We see their transformation as they are mutated from a simple country girl to a diva, from a nice boy to a hard core egomaniac. Now these kids remain their true selves until the season finale, cute, nervous, excited and wide eyed, but we all know that after the season ends it is over as they are on their way to Egoville.
I love the show because I am entertained by Ryan, the judges and the basic intensity of it. We are not just entertained in the evenings in front of the television set, but we are also entertained the next mornings when discussing the performances, the results and what Paula was wearing with coworkers, the cafe lady and the car wash dude.
Now that the show is over for this season the big question that we (the A.I. fans) are faced with is what the hell are we going to do with ourselves on Tuesday and Wednesday nights?

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