Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Phantom

Half of his face is hidden behind a white mask covered from brow to chin. The exposed half of his face is beautiful and enchanting as his big brown eye, strong nose, high cheek bones and full lips drew me in. His broad shoulders and tall strength determines his power, confidence and exuberance. But what captured me the most and put me in utter awe was his voice, his strong, big, beautiful and liberated voice. He gave me chills when he sang, pulling me to him with the mesmerizing notes. His confession of love through song made me weak in the knees as the words made my heart flutter. Through soft notes, majestic sound and hypnotizing words he overpowered my senses putting a spell on my entire body and soul.
He taught me all I know, he taught me all he knows, he taught me lessons of song. I learned how to utter a word, how to produce a note and a way to capture the rainbow of my inner soul. He was my savior from the dark as he gave me the gift of song. He loved me so as he presented me with the gift of voice.
Though kind to me there are demons inside of him taking over his body. His cruel intentions and hurtful actions are frightening, isolating him from the world he lives in, from the world I live in. He is trapped in a dark space unable to see the light, unable to feel his heart. He hurts others as he is so deeply hurt within himself. To live a desperately hurtful life, to be attacked and harshly trapped by the lucky souls, to travel on the most tragic journey will make a man mad. How can I love a mad man?

I am sorry for leaving you. Although you gave me the gift of talent and fame I am in love with another. You are a monster and evil, leave me, leave me. Go to your dark space and rot there as others have sent you before. Your tragic story, your hideous being shall remain unseen and unheard, as is the other half of your face that is hidden under the white mask.
You shall love me forever, yet I will live a life of beauty and grace without you. I will leave you in your misery as the rest have, even though you gave me the world. I will sail into the sunset with my lover and with the gifts you gave me as you shall die in your misery. Though as long as I shall live I shall never forget you for you have showed me life.

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Eiman said...

Jesus Shabnam, now you're making me go find the Phantom of the Opera songs again to play. What a story, no? I've seen the play 3 times. And the movies really don't do it justice, i don't think.