Saturday, May 17, 2008

Different Worlds

I was sitting in the lobby of the hotel sipping my coffee, munching on a croissant and watching people come and go. A voice on the lobby television caught my attention, it was a reporter from the local news program. She was reporting on war, killings and poverty in a far east country. It was such a sad and devastating report from these unfortunate people's lives that it brought tears into my eyes.
At the same time a group of loud women walked into the lobby greeting one another with ear scratching screeches. Naturally their high screams, loud conversations and utterly excited hugs took over the lobby area and diminished any sound from the news on the television. Even though I was extremely annoyed by the women, yet I had nothing els to do, it was early in the morning and I was still half asleep, so I remained in my seat.
Two of the women were animatedly talking about how devastated they were due to the humid and wet weather. One of them was so upset because she loves her hair straight, but because of the damp weather she is forced to wear it curly. She had even brought all of the necessary products that was needed in order to keep her hair straight, however they do not work properly with this much humidity. The weather had just ruined her time here because she really hates curly hair. The other woman truly sympathized with her friend, her face showing genuine concern, being utterly distraught. That is when both of them uttered the words "this is just so unfair"! Yes, life for them is just so unfair.
I looked back at the television, still showing innocent people being shot in the streets and tanks roaming around in their city. This inhumanity is happening now. I looked back at the women again and their big smiles, I was awake now and thinking. Yes, life is just so unfair for these women.

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