Monday, May 26, 2008

Ground Zero

As I was standing there looking at the big hole in the ground I could not help but to imagine the dead bodies lying around on the street, the screaming, sheer terror and utter disbelief. When I looked up at the sky I imagined people jumping out of the buildings one after the other, dark smoke and burning fire. After almost 7 years the feelings and images were still there, like they had never left. Even though the area has been cleared and the buildings were not there any longer, the emotions and the spirit of what happened in that spot has remained. Even though I had never been to the World Trace Center I could feel the Twin Towers' void, the emptiness and the silence around where they used to stand.
We all watched it happen on the television, we all felt the shock and we all grieved. But standing there that day staring into the nothingness where it all came down made me realize the magnificence of it that we missed as distant spectators. The thought of that day gave me chills as I saw the pictures and names of the victims displayed on the walls. The victims who got up that morning and went to work just like any other day. The victims who got on a plane for yet another fligh. Little did they know that that day would go down in history and they would end up with the title of "victim".
I know that the human race has always been barbarik, but I had imagined that we have evolved from the days when men charged into each other with sharp swords. I had imagined that with experience, brain advancement, growth and realization of mere substance of humanity we had passed the days of bloodshed. It must have been naive of me to think that the days of uncivilized murders are over.
To be able to murder thousands of innocent people purposly to prove a point to another could place some one in the Psychotic band, but what if an entire group of people have that thinking? That thought is terrifying to me.
I guess not only have we not evolved from hundreds of years ago when men went to war and people were hung for their beliefs, but we have advanced our techniques for doing it. We still go to war, kill each other and feel no guilt or shame.
I wonder if the world still would be the same if there was no religion and women ran the show instead of men.

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me said...

i visited ground zero by myself and can't even begin to describe the feeling....