Thursday, July 24, 2008


Every one is free to make choices and I am entitled to my strong opinion.

The pitter patter of little feet, the laughter of a baby, the sweet smell of their bodies and finally all of the other joys of having a child. It is one step of life which most people chose to embark upon and to be a part of. However, some people in the world are unable to experience the miracle of birth and the gift of a child. Unfortunately their bodies are not able to reproduce, due to different arrays of medical reasons. They try and struggle and at last after being examined by physicians they realize that they are not capable of having children. At that point these individuals are faced with choices, and in my opinion these choices that they make is an accurate presentation of the kind of people they are.
Some chose to remain with out child and eliminate the dream of having a family of their own from their life. They are neither saints or selfish as they accept what cannot be granted to them. They move on and continue their journey on this earth, taking a different path. Maybe they will find a grander entity to pour their energy into.
Others chose to go through medicine and science in order to force a pregnancy using multiple types of artificial insemination techniques. This is the group who I consider one of the most selfish groups of people in this world which we live in. Blind eyed, they live in a bubble where it only entails their life and have absolutely no consideration for other human beings.
The process of assisted pregnancy not only takes an insane amount of time and energy, but it also costs an unimaginable amount of money. This process could take up to 10 years and it could cost up to $150,000.00 with a possibility of a failed result.
My judgment comes from thinking about all of the orphan children who are in our world with out parents, with out food, with out shelter. When I hear tales about couples spending this time and money to get pregnant, I can not help but to wonder about these unfortunate and forgotten children for the life of me. I can not understand how selfish one can be to just turn their back on these children and try this hard to have their own when obviously it was not meant for them to do so. If only a fraction of this time, energy and money was spent on one of these children by adopting them, little by little the world would be such a better place for every one.
Now I understand that people like to have a child from their own flesh and blood, one that carries their genes in his or her body. I get it, it is hard to accept, but this fate can be viewed at in such a positive way. I would like to tell those people that the universe has not granted you the privilege of having a child biologically, and you should think of it as a calling. This should be looked at as an opportunity to be a saint, an opportunity to save a life, a chance to help the world just a little bit, to save a child. This is the cards that you have been dealt with and instead of fighting destiny so hard flow with it and make it a positive one. This is your one chance to be honorable and to save a life, do you know how big that is? Should you even think twice about it?
The number of children who live as orphans in every single country is extremely high and if we look at the big picture, we can see how disturbing it looks. We will realize how ugly and uncaring the human race looks.
If a couple who is able to have their own biological child chooses to adopt one in need instead, I bow my head to them, I highly respect them and truly admire their integrity. It takes a very special and selfless type of person to do such a thing, and not many people have that amazing sense of giving and purity. They have committed an amazingly generous deed, even though they did not have to. On the other hand when a couple is not able to have children biologically, and if having a family is something that they truly wish for (so much to pour all that they have into it), I believe that it is their duty as human beings and as citizens of this earth to adopt a homeless and parent less child.
There are also other equations to this issue that get my blood boiling such as homosexual couples who use the artificial insemination methods to have children. Adopt a child and save a life instead! Women who go off of their cancer or diabetes medication and risk their child and their own life to get pregnant. Adopt a child and save a life instead! You have to remember that a child is a child, they will love you no matter where they come from. They will eat, drink, sleep and grow up just the same as any other and you will enjoy them the same. So stop being so damn selfish!
With the increase of all of the different methods of artificial pregnancies and their side effects we see a flow of twins and triplets up to six or seven babies at once. Can you imagine the energy, the time and the money it takes to raise these children, when others are begging to have a life? It boils my blood to think of the level of stupidity and selfishness of the people who do not see outside of the bubble that they live in.
Look outside of your own world and you will see so many in need, and when you have the power to help them for god's sake, do it! This should be a no brainer!
It makes me sad to see that I live in a world where we have absolutely no consideration for one another. A world where we flip the channel when the image of starving children with flies on their faces come on because it disturbs us. A world where our own happiness and dreams are the only driving forces in our lives. A world where we have the power to save a life but we chose not to.

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Arezou said...

I'm 100% with you Shabi joon,
I wish I could afford to adopt a child :(