Friday, July 18, 2008

Third time is a charm

Last night I got married again; For the third time; Within the duration of four years; To the same person!

First marriage:
The Wedding - August 2004 - Kenmore, Washington

It was a beautiful ceremony in a Golf Club. I was wearing the most beautiful white sparkly dress, a crystal tiara, long satin white gloves and I felt like a princess (how often do you get to wear a poofy dress, tiara and gloves and not be considered crazy? So I took advantage). Almost all of our loved ones were present and watching as we sat on two satin chairs. There were pictures being taken from every angle, beautiful music, honey, sweets and drinks being served. The gentleman who performed the ceremony was one of my father's dearest friends, he was sweet, a poet and I loved him. He said the most beautiful words with his tender voice that brought tears to every one's eyes. There was laughter and bubbles in the air as we said our "baleh"s. We were now socially married.

Second marriage:
The Chapel - May 2005 - Las Vegas, Nevada

It was 1:00 a.m. I was in tight jeans and a party top. My dear brother and a loyal friend were the witnesses/photographer/videographer. We stood in line at the 24/7 courthouse (at 1:00 a.m.!) to get our license. (By the way, in movies where people get drunk and "accidentally" get married in Vegas, they never show that you have to go to the courthouse first, stand in line, pay, fill out forms, then drive to the chapel, pay, fill out forms and then say "I do". Wouldn't they become sober by then?). At the Chapel we chose a "package" that included the wedding ceremony, music (cassette tape player operated by the minister himself), a single fresh red rose and an 8*10 photo of the couple. The minister who had about 30 keys hanging from his belt performed the ceremony as every one giggled and we said our "I do's". We were now legally married.

Third marriage:
The Mosque - July 2008 - Costa Mesa, California

Stopped by the mosque after work to get married. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, long pants and a head scarf. The Mullah was a real live actual "akhoond" (one of the most charming and handsome "akhoond"s I had ever seen in my life). Our loyal friend (same one from Vegas) who was accompanying us was denied the role of a witness, because she was a woman (how could I forget that women do not count as a full human being in my religion?). So we were granted a nice man instead ("akhoond" in training) to sign the witness line, who left the room in the middle of the ceremony because his cell phone rang (with an Arabic prayer ring tone). The Mullah said words in a language that we did not understand, but we said "baleh" anyways. We were now religiously married.

To get married for the first time is a big deal. To get married a second time one year later (after realizing that he must watch football every freaking Sunday and she does not even know how to operate the dish washer) is a bigger deal. To get married a third time three years later (after at times experiencing the urge to break the television set with a hammer and the feelings of confusion as to why she is so furious) is the biggest deal. I guess this means that it is really really really sealed now and we really really really DO!

Marriage #1: $Thousands
Marriage #2: $210
Marriage #3: $250
Getting married to the same person three times within four years: PRICELESS!


sanaz said...

hahahah! I was thinking about you while you were getting married last night!

congrats hon!

me said...

congrats again! 3 is def. the charm!! and i must admit that i now feel educated and well rounded as i've all experienced your wedding ceremonies....2 which are first for me!
and please don't forget the wedding chappel chasers in vegas...

MaryamAghvami said...

Aren't you two the most adoring and fun couple? I loved the idea. Now you felt the slightest bit of how women are treated in Islamic country. Condrats to both of you and I am so in love with my favorite cousins.

Anahita said...

LOL! Any pictures from the Masjed ceremony? I'm dieing to see a picture of you with headscarf in CA!

Jasmine said...

Are'nt you supposed to get the wedding liscense before you get married?
1) you could have gotten it in seattle :p
2) There is no requirement in Islam that says you have to be married the muslim way. In fact, if you two live together and tell people that you are married, it means you are married!

I do like the stories though :)