Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good times

A cool night in Seattle a few years back, riding in a metallic blue car.

Anahita: Have you heard that new song? It's really cool.
Shabnam: What song?
Anahita: I don't know what it's called.
Shabnam: What are you talking about? Who sings it?
Anahita: I don't know, its a guy.
Shabnam: What's the name of the song?
Anahita: I don't know, it's a great song.
Shabnam: Well, how does it go?
Anahita: I don't remember. But he is talking about going to a train station and asking a girl what time it is and then they have sex.
Shabnam: Never heard it. So they have sex, just like that?
Anahita: Yeah, he asks the time first though. I really wish you could hear it.
Shabnam: Interesting.
Anahita: I want to listen to it now!
Shabnam: OK, lets call the radio station and request it.
Anahita: OK.
Radio Station Operator: Kube93 how may I help you?
Shabnam: Hi, I wanted to request a song.
RSO: Sure, what song?
Shabnam: Well, we don't really know the name of the song.
RSO: Who is the artist?
Shabnam: Well, we don't know the name of the singer either, but we were hoping that maybe you could help us.
RSO: That's difficult, why don't you sing it to me.
Shabnam: Well I've never heard it before myself. Anahita can you take the phone and sing it to him please?
Anahita: Nooooo.
RSO: What's the song about?
Shabnam: Well I guess this guy goes to the bus stop and asks this girl what time it is and then she has sex with him.
RSO: Huh.
Shabnam: Anahita can you please talk to him, I don't know.
Anahita: Noooo.
RSO: Just let me speak to this AnaPILA.
Shabnam: AnaPILA he wants to speak to you.
AnaPILA: Nooo.
Shabnam: Ok, you know what, never mind. Thanks for trying to help. Bye.

P.S. "7 Days" by Craig David.

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Anahita said...

uuuuhhhhh. Yadesh bekheyr:

By the way, this morning I walked to this subway in Kingsgate and was very surprised when one of our old BCC friends asked for my order!