Sunday, July 13, 2008


I left the house at 10:46 this morning with a mission: to buy a few pairs of men's summer Shorts. I knew what style, what colors and what size I wanted, I was going to come back with bags full of men's shorts. I returned home around 4:47 with a new colorful Purse, a new fancy Key Chain, the cutest little Ring, a fabulous big Watch, a very necessary striped Cardigan for me and left over Salmon Salad from lunch with a girlfriend. Not one pair of men's Shorts.
I have to say that I was proud of myself because I remained strong and demonstrated restraint by not purchasing the pink Coach Sandals that were on sale, the very expensive Burberry Watch that looked amazing on my wrist and by not even entering Bakers Shoe Store for damage control. Still, how did this happen? What is it with women and shopping?
If you are a woman then you know what I am talking about. Shopping provides us with the sense of satisfaction, gratification, completion and just plain pleasure. By attaining stuff as unnecessary as they may be, we feel joy. Could I have lived with out this (totally gorgeous) clutch? Of course. Would my current key chain be sufficient for the purpose it serves? Absolutely. But the high that I experience when I replace it with the new one is unexplainable. I feel fulfilled when I leave the mall with bags in my hands as opposed to completely disappointed when I get into my car with nothing to put in the trunk. Why?
If you are a guy then you must relate with these questions as you probably ask them all the time. Know that one of you is wondering that now while checking the bank account and realizing that he still only owns two pairs of summer Shorts!
Brand new stuff, shiny pretty things, more clothes, more shoes, more accessories. Do these things make us happy? Absofuckinglutely!


sanaz said...

oh and I love the second part of it...which is coming home, going through your wardrobe and clearing out the old stuff!!! so that you can make space for the lovely new ones!! you've been there with me ;)

MaryamAghvami said...

I know what you are talking about. The joy, the smile and satidfaction. I never feel guilty about it. For me shopping is like smoking. I love it and I have so far haven't decided to quit. However, now that I am going to school and have decided to save more, it seems that the urge to buy is fading too. What I am trying to say is that even the joy of shopping greatly depends on your state of mind. There are days that even buying a liploss doesn't make you feel better!