Monday, October 22, 2007


I watched the movie "The Kingdom" last weekend. After getting over nausea due to Michael Mann's filming style, I was then highly disturbed by the blood and gore. Later I was angered because I knew that every thing I was watching was true and actually happening. And finally at the end I ended up completely depressed as a result of the very powerful last 10 seconds. I left the movie theatre sad, depressed, angry, disgusted, and totally helpless. Great movie, loved it!!!! I would say that it is an eye opener but we all know that the only people who go to see these movies are the ones who are already informed and the ignorant ones are next door watching "Good luck Chuck". We, the "smart", "open minded", "educated" ones keep getting our eyes opened over and over. And since we continue to ignore it and keep from taking any sort of action nothing changes. So let the killings go on and we'll go to the theatres and have our eyes opened about it over and over again and again! Great entertainment!

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