Tuesday, October 30, 2007


When I was very young I strongly believed in waiting until Marriage to have sex, very moral and no question about it. This strong belief stayed by my side for a long time, however as time passed it started becoming more flexible and taking different forms! Which brought me to the next phase. I believed in waiting for Love to have sex. I decided that it is OK to have sex with out marriage as long as both parties are in love with one another and plan to be committed to each other forever. More time went by and as with the rest of the things in life my belief adjusted with the passing days as well. This is when I decided that if two people are absolutely wholeheartedly in love with one another, but the relationship will not last, it is OK to have sex, due to the never ending love. Even if you may never see each other again, at least you shared that special act with one another. An act so romantic that you will cherish forever. Yes, unfortunately that phase passed as well and became dust in the wind. Time did it, not I!
My belief has morphed, adapted, molded into something so different now that if my very young self knew this about me she would be shocked, disappointed and embarrassed, taking me for a true sinner and a slut!
I believe that sex is so normal and natural that one should be able to have it any time, with whomever one chooses, with as many people as one desires, and as many times as one wishes. With out love, with out commitment, with out any expectation, with out ever being judged by others or oneself, with out guilt. One should have sex just for the fun of it, for the pleasure, for the high, for the rush!
Of course it must be noted that this only applies to those who are single, meaning not in a committed relationship, and not looking for one. And we will assume that by sex we are talking about SAFE sex.
Why is sex such a taboo topic and a hot "issue" in our society? For a great thing which provides us with so much pleasure to the body and mind (proven) it has been treated very unfairly. We have made sex into something dirty, perverted and wrong. Not true! sex is pretty, happy, and fun. Sex is a rush with out the drugs, sex in natural (as George Michael said). Sex should be like kissing, hugging, even shaking hands! If two people are single and find each other attractive there is absolutely nothing wrong with jumping into bed and enjoying each other with out any expectations. Sex could be placed in the same category as having a very rewarding conversation, playing a challenging games, and watching a great movie with a friend! We should not judge those who have this motto about sex. They are treating their bodies, just the way others treat their bodies with exercises or massages. Sex is very similar to the massages we all like to buy at the spas, it only consists of a minor difference but a major increase of pleasure! And no payment needed (hopefully).
Sex should be looked at the same way we look at sneezing, not a big deal. It is a natural part of human existence. Yes, it is technically meant for reproduction, and the reason for the pleasure is to force humans to reproduce. However, we have learned to manipulate that just like we have done with every other natural process in this world. So take advantage and get the pleasure with out the reproduction!
Now of course we have the group of people who become emotionally attached after sex. This particular belief does not work for this group, they should stick with one of my previous beliefs to save themselves and others major pain and discomfort.
We all know that in the primitive days this was how sex was treated, free and open. Sometimes we have to go back to our roots to learn how things really should be done. Our species even had sex with other's spouses back in the stone ages. Now I have not proceeded that far in my belief, however by observing my track record on this issue in time any thing is possible! (note to husband: do n0t worry, just kidding).
Sex. It is fabulous. Have it, enjoy it, make the best of it, especially when you are young. Make good use of those shapely bodies! Girls, have sex with hot younger men with six packs, do not let them go to waste. Guys, well I do not have to tell you. When you are single, you are being safe, and your emotions are in tact... have plenty of sex with many many people, I will not judge you! I promise!


Anahita said...

humm...Very interesting...I should say my beliefs have evolved very similarly. I'm on the very same path as you, give or take a step behind or in front!!

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