Thursday, October 25, 2007

Size Discrimination

It is injustice and completely unfair. It is discrimination against a group of innocent people, the "petite". Nothing in this country (not sure about the world, therefore I will not make any accusations) is made for us. Every thing is made for bigger "average" size people and our size is over looked. Our life is immensely harder because we have to find ways to cope with the largeness (this is a word in my dictionary) in order to survive. There is absolutely no regard or consideration for the smaller size.
The portions of meals; is my 97 pound body expected to intake as much food as the 200 pound guy sitting at the next table? I have to pay as much as him for an entree. Forget about the money, what about all that food that goes to waste? And for once I do not want to take my left overs home with me damn it! The sizes of clothes; I have to add at least $20 to the price tags to include the alteration, because the pants are too long, the sleeves are too long, the waist is too wide, be it that the item even comes in an XS or 0. Forget about the money again, what about the time it takes and my delayed gratification on shopping? Every thing is too high to reach; I have two stools in my house, one upstairs, one downstairs, to help me reach for things on the shelves. Outside of my house, I always have to ask for help (I hate it)! The sun is always in my eyes when I drive because the visor does not come down enough to cover my eyes. When I took a surfing class, the surf board was so big and heavy that I could not carry it to the ocean, nor Paddle with my arms which could not reach the water properly on the sides. So I sat that one out. My feet are always dangling from chairs, stools, benches making me look retarded. The massage chairs never completely do the job for me since the pressure is happening above my shoulders! I always have trouble seeing the screen, stage, field, due to a head in front of me. I cannot ski properly because my size skies are not usually available. I have to buy shoes based on what is available in my size rather than one that catches my eye or one that is on sale. I will not even get started on how long it took me to find a bicycle that fit me which did not have pink flowers on it.
Nothing in this country is made to accommodate me. It is either child or adult. I do not fit in the adult size, I do not want the child size. Life is so hard as a "petite" person.
This is the reason why I drive a SUV and will continue to drive a SUV. I am always the shortest one looking up at people when on foot, I shall be one of the tall ones looking down at others while driving.
We need to bring awareness to this important issue and make some changes. We deserve to live as comfortably as the rest of our species. The world needs to be fair to all mankind be it 5 foot 10 or 5 foot period.

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Anahita said...

I always had this attitude toward SUV drivers...I ask them why SUV?
-Great engine power.
-You don't have a boat for your SUV to carry. I'm sure a normal Sedan can handle your weight...
-But it is safer.
-Excuse me...But you make the road unsafer for others...
I don't even want to get to the whole greenhouse gas emission thing.
I even give Pourya a hard time, just because he THINKS that his next car should be a SUV.

Just wanted to tell you that after reading this, you're totally immune from my comments :)