Thursday, January 24, 2008

Battle of the Eggs: Shabnam Vs. Maman

Part I
When I was a little girl I did not like eggs, actually I despised them. I hated the smell and the texture. My mom on the other hand believed that eggs are one of the most nutritious foods in the universe, they have protein. That was the reason why she force fed me.
One of her force feeding techniques was to attain my full attention with a story, then feed me as I was engrossed in the fascinating tale (highly sneaky). Eventually I caught on to her motherly trick, and instead of rebelling against it I used it to my advantage. I developed and enforced a new rule: in order for me to eat an egg, you must provide me with a new and interesting story (note: one story per egg, multiple eggs cannot be consumed with a long story, story cannot be "made up"). My mom agreed, because she would commit to anything for me to consume eggs as it was her goal in life. To her this looked like an easy contract, little did she know that there will be a glitch: there is always an endless supply of eggs, but not stories.
And so one day my mom ran out of fascinating tales. She tried to sneak in a few repeat or "made up" stories here and there, but unfortunately (for her) it did not fly. Each time I reminded her about our deal and that the story must be fresh and original.
She ran out of stories, I stopped eating eggs. I won.
Part II
One morning before school when I came to the breakfast table I saw something interesting and exciting, a Chocolate Shake! My mom placed it on the table in front of me as she had a smile on her face. I was so happy, she was letting me drink only a Chocolate Shake for breakfast! I did not question her motives as to not risk the treat. As I was gulping down the shake I noticed that it did not quite taste like a typical Chocolate Shake. I did not ponder too much about it and left for school.
I continued to receive Chocolate Shakes for breakfast 2-3 times per week. One day as I questioned the taste of the shake my mom brushed it off and blamed my taste buds.
One of the lovely mornings as I was walking into the kitchen to sit at the breakfast table, it happened. I was traumatised as I caught her red handed. She was whipping a raw egg in the glass that would be filled with my "Chocolate Shake". As I stood there and looked at the glass with disbelief, she looked at me like a deer caught in head lights, my dad burst out laughing!
My mom had been feeding me RAW EGGS hidden inside a glass filled with milk, cocoa powder (which technically is not even Chocolate) and HONEY!!!!!! I had been drinking RAW EGGS and HONEY disguised as "Chocolate Shake" 2-3 times per week! The betrayal, by my own mother, and to use CHOCOLATE as her cover up! I was crushed.
I guess my mom believes that every little elementary school girl should follow the footsteps of Rocky!.
Now I know what that smile was about when she presented me with my first glass of "Chocolate Shake". It was not the smile of "here honey, enjoy a treat", it was the smile of "wooohahahha, you sucker"! She won.

Shabnam- 1
Maman- 1


sanaz said...

I loved this story :) I can totally imagine your mom's face!lol!

JEX said...

Loved it. Good Old days. I read every single story,pondering who is the new cousin that is expressing her unique ideas in different issues. I am also still wondering if NPR was a transitional madness or there is something beyond a Galmour reader girl!! Will see!!