Thursday, January 31, 2008

Her man

He tells her that he would like to go to Las Vegas in order to spend time with his cousin Amir. Amir is going to Vegas for his girlfriend's birthday with her and a group of her girlfriends. So since Amir is the only male at this event he needs some one to spend time with, and that is the reason why he plans to go to Vegas. Yes, he actually believes that that is a legitimate reason and that it is really ok for him to go to Vegas with Amir and a group of girls. Right!
He is standing by her side as he asks his brother for a chair. He sits down once the chair is delivered with out asking her if she would like a seat, leaving her on her feet. He has absolutely no clue why she is upset. After she informs him, he actually believes that she is upset about the actual chair, literally.
He tells her that he is not sure about what he would like to do for dinner as she calls him to inquire. Yes, he cannot make a decision about dinner until he is leaving work. She asks him to call her when he decides as she would like to plan her evening. She takes deep breaths. Two hours later he leaves her a message with a suggestion for dinner. As she gets out of the shower she calls him back to let him know that the suggestion will not work. The scent of that particular restaurant remains strongly on clothes and hair, a bad idea because they are attending an event after dinner. He is set on his suggestion and asks her why she took a shower before dinner and not wait until after? Yes, he actually asked her that! (so he wants her to go out to dinner after the gym with out taking a shower, come back home, take a shower and go back out again). She is speechless and does not bother to reply. When she declines his suggestion he informs her that he has already called another friend and has invited him out to dinner with them. She tells him to go to dinner with the friend and that they will unite for the party after. He sees nothing wrong with how the evening turned out!
When she sees that the porch light is out she grunts as she knows that it will take weeks for him to replace it. She can change it herself, however she has decided not to take over every single task in the household and leave him some responsibilites. When she notifies him of the light bulb situation, he tells her that he will take care of it over the weekend. Yes, changing one light bulb is a weekend job for him! After he actually does complete this task (after 7 or 8 reminders) he lists it as a chore (taking credit) and tells her that he is done with "chores" for the day. Yes, he actually believes that changing a light bulb completes his quota of chores for an entire day!
She had been asking him to organize the garage with new cabinets for two years. Finally he decided to take up the job and do it. So since this project was her idea and due to the fact that it is costing a high amount of money, he actually suggests that that could be her Valentine's Day present! She laughs at him, but deep down she knows that if she had said ok, he would have been serious!
She has to continue reminding herself that he is a man, they are of different species, this is how they really do think, this is honestly what they actually and truely believe, it is not personal, he does not mean harm... So this is what she continually recites to herself as she takes deep breaths: "Pick your battles, pick your battles, pick your battles, pick your battles...".


sanaz said...

:) good girl

Jasmine said...

I guess "their" logic is different from ours.