Sunday, January 27, 2008

From Simon to Obama

Anahita has been trying to raise up some political interests in me (refer to "comment" on blog dated 1/16/08). I think it is because she became excited when I programmed NPR in my car radio, wrote about Afghanistan and showed some interest in the world. Little does she know that the NPR radio button has yet to be used, and my slight interest in world news and current events was merely due to an entertaining book, an interesting movie, and possibly a laps in personality.
She tried to use the "charming and handsome brother" tactic on me to introduce me to the presidential race and to persuade me to vote, vote! She sent me a survey to complete which would inform me of the presidential candidates who I am mostly "compatible" with (I was unaware of the meaning of almost half of the words in the survey). She even tried to guide me to the voter registration website in order to make the process smoother for me.
Does she truly believe that this Glamour Magazine reading, Romantic Comedy watching, gossipy, American Idol fan could be transformed to a worldly, politically educated, fascinating conversationalist, news paper reading voter?
It has been raining in Southern California for almost a week straight now, any thing is possible!


LifeGoesOn said...

The world is over rated babe. Stick to whatever pleases you!

Anahita said...

There was this show “Tell Me You Love Me” on HBO that I used to watch. It was a story of these 4-5 couples that see the same therapist every week…After reading this all I’m picturing is Jafar and Mostafa in that therapy session:

-Jafar: Mostafa is changing me.

-Mostafa: God forbid if I have manipulative evil intentions. I have learned from this other psychologist friend of mine, Shabnam, that people need to accept their partners the way they are. So my Jafar, I love you the way you are regardless of your choice of radio stations, etc. I just think it is good be exposed to different things in life.

-Mostafa continuing: It used to be the case that only books with South American authors drew my attention. I remembered I picked up the “Kite Runner” from the shelf last year, flipped through it, read about 5 pages from each chapter and put it back on the shelf. Then I read “I went to Afghanistan”. Consequently bought the audio book and listening to it now while in the gym. If it wasn’t because of Jafar I would have never discovered that I enjoy a work of an Afghani writer this much.

-Mostafa continuing: The other day I was reading this magazine (possibly Glamor). I read this survey and learned 70% of women get orgasm from intercourse and 20% have put their fingers in their boyfriend’s/husband’s back door!!!! Learning a new thing every day.

-Jafar: See, all I’m trying to say…

Sorry. Time is over!!

sanaz said...

hahah! (making sure you know I'm reading)! lol!